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Past Events
Date Event Photos
12/18/2019 Christmas End of Year Mixer
11/29/2019 - 12/2/2019 HDA Conference at Greater New York Dental Meeting
11/8/2019 - 11/9/2019 Funda Sonrisas International Mission
10/12/2019 Sirviendo Nuestros Heroes y Communidad
9/25/2019 UTSA Pre-Dental Society Panel Discussion
9/16/2019 Diez y Seis Member Social
8/10/2019 UT Dental Welcome to the Profession
8/8/2019 UT Dental HSDA Social
8/3/2019 Juvenile Justice Department Back to School
8/3/2019 District 1 Councilman Trevino Back to School
8/3/2019 Haven for Hope Back to School
7/12/2019 LEAD Lecture
4/11/2019 - 4/14/2019 NHMA/HDA Hispanic Medical and Dental Conference
4/6/2019 NHMA College Health Scholars Program
3/9/2019 HSDA/GSHAHDA Social
3/8/2019 Loma Park Career Day
3/7/2019 Washington Career Day
3/7/2019 B.O.L.D. Presentation
2/10/2019 Dia del Dentista - St. Apollonia Feast Day

Past GSAHDA General Meetings [Photos]
Date Speaker Topic
10/16/2019 Dr. Paul McLornan and Dr. Rudy Vega Full Arch Fixed Implant Restorations Start to Finish
Sponsored by PlatinumClearChoice, Hiossen Implants, Komet, and Hayes Handpiece
8/21/2019 Dr. Frank Ramos What Happens When the TSBDE Knocks on Your Door
Sponsored by Hiossen Implants, Komet, and The Root Canal Doctor
4/17/2019 Dr. Gilberto Tostado Effects of Bonding Procedures on Dental Surfaces
Sponsored by Hiossen Implants and The Root Canal Doctor
2/13/2019 Dr. Enrique Arevalo Current Concepts in Root Canal Disinfection
Sponsored by The Root Canal Doctor, Funda Son Risas, and First Citizen's Bank

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