The Greater San Antonio Hispanic Dental Association (GSA-HDA) is the local affiliate chapter of the national Hispanic Dental Association.

TheGSA-HDAhas been created to help professionals in all disciplines interact more effectively with Hispanic patients, optimizing oral health at a grass-roots level.

TheGSA-HDAis committed to the goal of optimizing the general health and well being of Latino communities in the greater San Antonio area through the improvement of their oral health, improved access to oral health care and improved networking among healthcare professionals.


TheGSA-HDArepresents oral health care advocates, including Latino dentists and physicians; dental hygienists; nurses and nurse practitioners; physician assistants, dental and medical assistants; and dental laboratory technologists in the greater San Antonio area and vicinity. Membership in the GSA-HDA is not limited to Hispanics, but is open to all professionals who have an interest in promoting oral health. You can take an active role in the challenges ahead, while supporting improved oral health. Complete your application today. It's a simple step that can help make a great difference for the many people of the Hispanic community of San Antonio and vicinity.

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